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"Yeah. What's the cancellation number?"

Discussion in 'CHW: The Book.' started by kyle, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Sunni Caldwell

    "My name is *Ricky Bobby* and I have a reservation for tomorrow for 2 nights. I need to cancel a Friday."
    Me: Okay, Mr. Bobby. I got you taken care of. We'll see you Saturday.
    "What's the cancellation number?"
    Me: (plastically cheerful) Oh, you don't have one, because your reservation wasn't cancelled, we just changed your date of arrival from Friday to Saturday checking out on Sunday.
    "NO! I want to CANCEL Friday night's stay. I only want to stay on Saturday leave on sunday."
    Me: Yeeeaaahhh. You want to arrive on SATURDAY. You only want to stay ONE night. Yep. I modified your reservation for you to arrive on SATURDAY leave on SUNDAY.
    "Yeah. What's the cancellation number?"
    Me: (takes phone away from face and sighs a bit) Sir, there won't be one because the reservation wasn't cancelled completely, just a modification.
    "No, I need a cancellation number. I'm not coming tomorrow, but saturday."
    Me: Sir, stop talking. I got you taken care. We'll see you on Saturday.

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